OneSnap Catalyst is the Back-to-Back FSL Wild Rift Open Champions

The supergirls of OneSnap Catalyst successfully defended their crown for the FSL Wild Rift Open after they defeated GrindSky Eris in a landslide victory of 3-0.

Female power has once again prevailed with the comeback of the FSL Wild Rift Open in its 4th season! The supergirls of OneSnap Catalyst successfully defended their crown last September 25, 2022, after they defeated GrindSky Eris in a landslide victory of 3-0. OneSnap Catalyst will take home 550 SGD + 5,000 Wild Core while GrindSky Eris will get 250 SGD + 3,000 Wild Cores.

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OneSnap Catalyst was formerly TSUAHAH last FSL Wild Rift Open III, and they did have a different support player back then. But who are the girls of OneSnap Catalyst? Most of them were actually part of the first batch of OneSnap Esports Wild Rift players, including Jonez, Den, and Im Rogi (or Rogue) while Neavis (or Jeeya) was from GrindSky Eris, the team that won the gold medal in the 2021 SEA Games for Wild Rift (Women’s). TSUAHAH’s support, Ayapi transferred to GrindSky Eris after Jeeya’s departure. Most of the girls from the first batch of OneSnap Esports team went on a competitive break to focus on their respective work. Now, they are back with their original organization, OneSnap Esports. Currently, OneSnap Esports has four Wild Rift teams. They have three (3) female teams (Amazons, Luna, & Catalyst) and one (1) men’s team (Genesis). Some of the OneSnap Catalyst girls were actually from Liyab Esports’ League of Legends PC Women’s Team – Liyab Haliya. Liyab Haliya included Den, Rogue, Jonez, and Jeeya. 

FSL Wild Rift Open IV Grand Finals Recap

Game 1

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Right off the bat, 1SE Catalyst banned Xin Zhao, Olaf, and Senna while OneSnap Catalyst banned OP champions Kassadin, Lucian, and Karma. 1SE Catalyst first picked Nasus for the support and immediately GS Eris picked Morgana for the jungle and Ashe for the DR Lane. 1SE Catalyst ended their first round picks with Garen and Kha’zix and GS picked Gragas. GS Eris banned Lux and Jayce to remove strong AP picks for 1SE Catalyst while 1SE Catalyst banned Zed and Renekton to halt any split pushing plays from GS Eris. GS Eris grabbed Nautilus and 1SE Catalyst finished their composition with Varus in the DR lane and Kayle in the mid lane. GS Eris picked a Riven for their BR lane to go up against the Garen.

GS Eris found the early lead with first blood and first tower but a clash in the mid lane around 7:50 allowed 1SE to comeback from their gold deficit. The final clash happened when the 3rd dragon showed up. Both of the teams were getting into position near the dragon pit when 1SE Den’s Kha’Zix flanked the backside of GS Eris and the entire 1SE team followed up to ace GS Eris and finish game 1 under 17 minutes.

Game 2

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Now on the blue side, GS Eris banned Nasus, Kayle, and Kha’Zix which were the lethal champions of 1SE from game 1. The scaling of these 3 champions proved too detrimental to the win of 1SE Catalyst in the first game. On the other hand, 1SE Catalyst kept their game 1 bans of Xin Zhao and Olaf while Karma was the other ban. With Kassadin free, GS Eris immediately picked it up. 1SE Catalyst answered back Lucian and Morgana picks. Seeing this, GS Eris locked in Zed and Shyvana while 1SE completed their first round of picks with Renekton. 1SE then banned Senna & Ashe against GS’ yoo ji min (or GS Yugen) and GS Eris banned 1SE Jeeya’s Braum and Nami. Naevis (or Jeeya) picked Nautilus shortly before GS Eris picked Samira and Gragas. Finally, 1SE picked Akali to go in the mid lane. 

An early 4 for 1 trade in the bottom lane resulted with 1SE Im Rogi’s Akali getting a triple kill and a 2,000 gold lead for 1SE Catalyst. GS Eris fired back with a clash in the river to get their Samira ahead with a triple kill. However, 1SE Catalyst’s teamfight was too strong against GS Eris. The aggression and rotation of both Im Rogi and Jonez was too much for them to handle. After two aces against GS Eris, 1SE Catalyst found the opportunity to claim match point against GS Eris.

Game 3

Credits to FSL Mobile Games Facebook page

1SE Catalyst was back on the blue side and they retained their blue side bans of Xin Zhao, Olaf, and Senna while GS Eris banned Karma, Nasus, and Kassadin. For game 3, 1SE Catalyst first picked Morgana. With Lucian open, GS Eris locked it right away together with Shyvana. 1SE Jonez picked her Garen while Im Rogi picked Akali again. GS Eris also picked Gragas for the crucial game 3. Since 1SE Catalyst still did not have a marksman, GS Eris banned Ashe and Varus. On the other hand, GS Eris still did not have support for Lucian, 1SE Catalyst banned Nami and Lulu. GS Eris picked up Galio for their diving composition while 1SE Catalyst got Ezreal and Nautilus. GS Eris locked in Janna for their final pick. 

At around 3:45, GS Eris tried to gank the DR lane of 1SE Catalyst but 1SE counter engaged and got a favorable 2 for 1 trade that put them in the early lead. 1SE Catalyst also got a double objective in the early game with the rift herald and contesting the ocean dragon take of GS Eris. Teamfight after the other, 1SE Catalyst would come out triumphant. In the final clash, GS Eris tried to engage the backline of 1SE Catalyst but the Akali and Morgana were also on the hunt for GS Eris’ backline. With the help of the untouchable Ezreal, 1SE Catalyst was able to ace GS Eris and take the back-to-back championships.

1SE Catalyst are the queens of teamfighting. They know exactly when to execute and where to position themselves. Even with their seasoned veterans in the team, GS Eris is still caught off guard by 1SE Catalyst’s strength. It was a well deserved win for OneSnap Catalyst!

There’s a lot to look forward to in the female competitive scene for Wild Rift, especially with the 2023 SEA Games coming up where it is once again a medal event. GrindSky Eris first won the gold medal for the 2021 SEA Games. More and more female teams will be vying for the national team position next year.

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